“Disaster Collection”

«In a world shaken by crisis and growing inequalities, individuals tend to withdraw. Walling off tendencies are the natural result. Artists must face these problematic issues with their work. We have to show that another vision of humanity remains possible. »

Majida Khattari

The video performance « Disaster Collection » ist the response to the marketing video by Louis Vuitton and Jeff Koons to announce the « Masters Collection ».

It marks the beginning of the « Disaster Collection » project: a reflection of the artist Majida Khattari on the sense of „collection“ in connection with artistic and humanitarian engagement.

« Disaster Collection » is an art project unfolding on different levels, just like the pieces of a collection. They will be progressively revealed by Majida Khattari during 2017 and 2018. The project has been conceived and planned in narrow collaboration with the curator Simone Hoffmann and the writer H G Croner.

„Disaster Collection“ is an independent, non-profit art project. The benefits of the sales will be entirely donated to charity.